Our Policies

Old Village Stone Workers produces and applies traditional rustic stone work and hand trowelled renders that are commonly associated with old Italianate, French provincial and Mediterranean architecture.

As it is our intention to reproduce the richness of colour, patina and soft lines of the Mediterranean in contemporary and rustic render styles, imperfections and surface level variations are intentional. These elements are decorative and an inherent part of creating the required aesthetic character of aged finishes of Old Tuscany, Spain or Morocco.

Old Village Stone Work render finishes and textures are designed for modern cement cladding systems (e.g. fibrocement sheet and masonry back grounds, brick, cement block), therefore most of our textures are available in acrylic and sand/cement variations.

Old Village Stone Workers product ranges provide a foundation for our render & laminate stone finishes however it is our intention to assist our clients in creating unique render coatings for their project. Therefore design variations in texture and colour are possible if requested, while working within the parameters of the background they are applied too.

Environmental Code of Practice

Old Village promotes responsible building and construction practices that minimise negative impact on the environment.  Old Village's environmental code of practice applies to staff and our clients in creating clean working environments through the following practices;

  • Keeping the work site and surrounding areas safe and free from hazards that may have a negative impact on the environment.

  • Storing rendering materials in a tidy and safe state.

  • Creating designated areas (away from public access) for collected waste.

  • Stock piles of sand, cement and aggregates are stored away from areas prone to wind and water and away from any waterway or drainage lines.

Product Warranty

Old Village Stone Workers warranties its work for two years (in line with and associations of the Victorian building and construction industry) against faulty workmanship. The warranty does not extend to failure of the works due to variable factors beyond the control of Old Village Stone Workers including;

Service Warranty

Old Village warranties its work for two years (in line with standards and associations of the Victorian building and construction industry) against faulty workmanship. The warranty does not extend to failure of the works due to variable factors beyond the control of Old Village Stone Workers including;

  1. This warranty is in addition to and does not exclude any additional warranty implied by the ‘Trade Practices Act 1974’ or any state legislation, the provisions of which cannot be excluded by agreement with the receiver of this warranty but subject to the liability of Old Village Stone Workers for any failure of its services, shall be limited at its option to rectifying those services or refunding or discounting the proportionate money paid or to be paid. Subject to the foregoing Old Village Stone Workers shall not be liable in respect of any claim of any nature, for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property caused by or arising out of its services, the services of its employees or agents or the use of paint membranes, render materials or stone.

  2. The customer accepts that the final finish may be affected after application, by variable factors beyond the control of Old Village including, moisture content, building movement, changes in temperature, age and condition of previously worked surfaces or any substrates that are not apparent upon inspection or disclosed to the contractor. During the time of engagement of Old Village Stone Workers services, the customer is required to inform management or staff of any design changes required and not thereafter once the project has been completed.

  3. All quotations presented by Old Village Stone Workers are valid for thirty days.

  4. Access: All quotations are based on continuous access to the work site between 7 am and 7 pm unless specified otherwise.

  5. It is the responsibility of the client or Contracting Builder to supply Old Village Stone Workers with running water and site electricity for service and render production.

  6. Old Village Stone Workers shall not be liable for any damage incurred on site to electrical appliances, furniture or other chattels that remain within rooms or areas being worked on after Old Village Stone Workers has requested that said items be relocated.